Regulation on-line match

Women’s Chess Online Match Poland – Georgia

as part of the Women’s Chess Festival of Krystyna Hołuj-Radzikowska


The date of the tournament:

The organizers:
Polish Chess Federation, Lower Silesian Chess Federation

Director of the tournament:
WGM Jolanta Zawadzka,

The official website of the Tournament:

Tournament program:

19.11.2020 – 18.00 CET – Technical meeting

20.11.2020 – 11.00 CET-  1st rapid match (6 rounds)

21.11.2020 – 11.00 CET –  2nd rapid match (rounds 1-4)

17.00  CET – rounds 5-6

22.11.2020 – 12.00 CET – 1st blitz matche (6 rounds)

16.45 CET – 2nd blitz matche (6 rounds)

The system of  play:
The match will be played with the Scheveningen system on a distance of 6 rounds. Each team will consist of 6 players, each of whom will play one game with each player of the opposing team. The drawing of colours will take place at the technical meeting.

Rate of play:

Rapid matches : 10 min. + 10 sec per move

Blitz matches: 3 min. + 2 sec per move

The match is won by the team which will score more match points in the combined rapid and blitz chess classification.

Points in rapid matches:

win – 2 points, draw – 1 point, loss – 0 points

Points in blitz matches:

win – 1 points, draw – 1/2 point, loss – 0 points

If the number of match points is equal, the result of the match will be decided by:

  1. the number of small points in the rapid matches
  2. the number of small points in the blitz matches.


Prize fund: 19 800 PLN

The winning team gets 11 400 PLN and the losing team gets 8400 PLN to share between players.

Technical information:
The current “FIDE Game Rules” apply.

The platform used to play the match will be

For the purposes of this event, the playing area is defined as a room where a player has only the device that she uses for online play. Players may use a PC or Laptop during the games with a web camera. It is not allowed for a 2nd device or any software/application to be open during the games.

Players will play under Arbiters observation in Zoom Platform (players have to download and install ZOOM Client for Meetings from the link below:

Organising Committee have no responsibility for player’s technical problems during the games but will try to be understanding for any arising issues.

A player can be forfeited for violation of fair play rules by decision of the arbiter. Screening of all games will take place.

If a player’s disconnects during play, she is allowed to reconnect until their remaining time has elapsed, in which case they lose on time. In exceptional cases arbiters have the right to judge any particular case and decide in a different way. Stability of the connection is a responsibility of every player.

It is obligatory for every player to share their screen and have their camera on at all times during every round. No other app or computer program should be running, other than Zoom and the browser with the playing platform.

In any case not described above, the arbiters will decide the course of action.

The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes in the Regulations.