The Queen of polish chess – GM Monika Soćko will participate in Polish Team in the Match!

Monika is a true champion, who has been the best example for young talents for years now. Regardless of the stake or the opponent, she always shows extraordinary level, fighting spirit and class.
In 2009 she won a strong open in Tromso, finishing before many strong GMs, including…GM Bartosz Soćko (who got 13th place at the end)
She’s also the only polish women player with the title of GM  and also:
  • 8-time Polish Women Champion
  • Bronze medalist of European Women Championship
  • 1st board and winner of 2 Olympic medals and 4 European Team Championship medals with Polish Women Team
It is impossible to list all of the success Monika’s had, but one thing is for sure – it will be a great pleasure to see her in the polish team again!
(though probably not for a Team Georgia🙃)