The Rest of the World wins the Match!

The Match Poland – Rest of the World has finished and the World team took it all – winning in every section and in the individual result as well, the guests proved that they are amazing players. The Polish Team showed a great team spirit and they were fighting till the very end for every point. The thing to be proud of was definitely the result of polish youngsters – Alicja Śliwicka and Julia Antolak, who both performed on a 2419 level!

Despite winning with one round to go, World team stayed focused and they managed to win the last round as well. There was a big competition for the first place for individual result in classical chess, till the very last moments. Before the last round Jolanta Zawadzka and Irina Bulmaga shared the 1st place. Jola didn’t manage to win her game and drew. Then all the eyes turned on Irina Bulmaga who had a better endgame against Alicja Śliwicka. Better, but very drawish, due to the different coloured bishops. However, there are always chances until the scorsheets are signed, and Alicja made a fatal mistake when she went 64. Bc3? Still it was great performance by Śliwicka and it’s never easy to defend worse positions after 4.5h of play! This win was important for Irina, as she became a sole winner of the individual section, congratulations!

Alicja was rewarded with the best game of the tournament prize and winner of the overall individual performance, in all Fischer’s, rapid and classical chess, was Anastasia Bodnaruk!

Once again congratulations to all the winners!