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    IM, WGM Meri Arabidze, rated 2437 is another member of the Team Georgia !

    Despite being the youngest one from the team, she has been one of the top women players in Europe for years now!
    So it makes us really happy that Meri has chosen to participate in our Festival again  after playing in Wroclaw last year for the Team World!
    Let’s see the impressive list of Meri’s achievements:
    – 14-TIME (!!) medalist of European and World Youth Championship
    – Quarterfinalist of Women World Championship (2015)
    – Team World Champion (2017)
    – Bronze medalist of the Chess Olympiad (2018)
    – vice-Champion of European Team Championship (2019)
    – Georgian Women Champion (2019)
    Impressive, right?
    Photo: Maria Emelianova
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    The Queen of polish chess – GM Monika Soćko will participate in Polish Team in the Match!

    Monika is a true champion, who has been the best example for young talents for years now. Regardless of the stake or the opponent, she always shows extraordinary level, fighting spirit and class.
    In 2009 she won a strong open in Tromso, finishing before many strong GMs, including…GM Bartosz Soćko (who got 13th place at the end)
    She’s also the only polish women player with the title of GM  and also:
    • 8-time Polish Women Champion
    • Bronze medalist of European Women Championship
    • 1st board and winner of 2 Olympic medals and 4 European Team Championship medals with Polish Women Team
    It is impossible to list all of the success Monika’s had, but one thing is for sure – it will be a great pleasure to see her in the polish team again!
    (though probably not for a Team Georgia?)
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    You don’t want to mess with this player!

    WIM Julia Antolak is a 20-time Polish Youth Championship medalist.
    She has also been a bronze medalist of European Youth Championship, European Team Youth Champion and bronze medalist of European Team Youth Championship.
    Last year Julia made a debut in our Festival, winning such players like IM Anastasia Bodnaruk and IM Meri Arabidze!
    We are very happy to see Julia back in Polish Team!
    Photo: Maria Emelianova
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    Our SuperHero – WGM Jolanta Zawadzka!

    It is thanks to her that our tournament is not only organized, but it is organized on a world-class level!
    Every year Jola manages to combine her responsibilities as an organizer and as a player.
    Jola’s biggest achievements:
    – 4-time Polish Women Champion and 12-time medalist of National Championship
    – Silver medalist of Chess Olympiad in Baku (2016)
    – Winner of a 2nd place for an individual result in Chess Olympiad in 2012
    – Youth World Champion (2004)
    – 4-time medalist of European Team Championship
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    Player who drew the World Champion Magnus Carlsen will participate in our Festival !

    GM Nino Batsiashvili (2467) Nino is a current Women Georgian Champion and also the winner of 2013 edition of our Memorial!
    Another super dangerous and titled representative of the Team Georgia!
    – Women Georgian Champion (2020, 2018, 2015)
    – Winner of our Memorial in 2013!
    – European vice-Champion (2015)
    – Team World Champion
    – Team European vice-Champion
    – Bronze medalist of Olympiads in 2018 and 2010
    Welcome back, Nino!
    Photo: David Llada
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    IM, WGM Lela Javakhishvili is the second number of Team Georgia !

    Rated 2473 Lela is 18th women player in the world! It makes us very happy that it will be already Lela’s third time in our Festival, which shows that top world’s players value our event very highly. 
    This Georgian player has had an amazing amount of success and she won her first Georgian Championship title in 2001!
    Her biggest achievements include:
    – World Team Champion (2017)
    – Gold medalist of the Dresden Chess Olympiad (2008)
    – European Team vice Champion (2009, 2017, 2019)
    – bronze medalist od Olympiads in 2010 and 2018
    – 4-time Georgian Women Champion (2001, 2007, 2014, 2016)
    We can’t wait to see Lela in action in our event again!
    Photo: Lela’s Facebook page
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    Grandmaster Klaudia Kulon!

    After a year of absence in our Festival, Klaudia comes back and we are certain we speak for all the chess fans here – that is just awesome!
    Some of Klaudia’s biggest achievements include:
    – Polish Women vice Champion (2020, 2017)
    – Silver medalist of Baku Chess Olympiad
    – Winner of our K. Holuj-Radzikowska Memorial (2014)
    – World University Champion (2014)
    – European Youth vice Champion (2004, 2006)
    Get ready for some crazy chess, Klaudia is so famous for!
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    WGM Karina Cyfka is the leader of the polish team in our Match!

    While most of us can not wait for 2020 to finish, Karina have had a very successful year so far – won Polish Women Championship for the first time (finally!), is currently the highest rated polish women player and also became a mom!
    We hope that Karina is going to continue her good run during our event
    Biggest achievements of Karina include:
    – Polish Women Champion 2020
    – Silver medalist of Baku Chess Olympiad (2016)
    – bronze medalist of European Team Championship in 2011, where Karina also won a silver medal for her individual result
    – multi medalist of Polish Championship
    – vice Champion of World Youth Championship (2003)
    Who else can not wait to see Karina in action?!
    Photo: Maria Emelianova (Chess.com)
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    8th player of the world will participate in our Festival !

    We are starting to introduce players of the Match with the highest ranked participant: GM Nana Dzagnidze from Georgia!
    Let’s try to list her biggest achievements (it is not an easy task, there were so many!):
    – European Women Champion 2017
    – European Women vice Champion 2018
    – winner of Women’s FIDE Grand Prix 2019
    – World Champion in blitz (2017)
    – gold medalist of the Olympiad in 2008 and bronze medalist of Olympiads in 2018 and 2010
    – European Team Champion 4 times (!)
    What a champion!
    We can’t wait to welcome Nana in Wroclaw!
    Photo: David Llada