Rapid tournament – regulation

Women’s Tournament in the Rapid Chess
as part of the Women’s Chess Festival
Wrocław, 8-9.12.2018


Lower Silesian Chess Federation, Polish Chess Federation

Playing hall:
Q Hotel Plus Wrocław, ul. Zaolziańska 2 (side of the Silesian Insurgents, 1 km from the Main Railway Station)

Online: https://chessmanager.com/en/tournaments/5678587172618240/signup
SMS: 78 3333 900, e-mail: rafal@siwik.pl


Final A
1. 1500 PLN
2. 1000 PLN
3. 700 PLN
4. 400 PLN
5. 300 PLN
6. 200 PLN
7. 150 PLN

Final B (>40 y.o.)
1. 250 PLN
2. 150 PLN
3. 100 PLN

Final C (<16 y.o.)
1. 250 PLN
2. 150 PLN
3. 100 PLN

Final D – consolation tournament
1. 250 PLN
2. 150 PLN
3. 100 PLN

8 December 2018 Saturday – Qualifying tournament
9:00 – 9:50 confirmation of participation
10:00 – 18:00 Round I – VII with a lunch break

9 December 2018 Sunday – Finals A, B, C, D
9:30 – 15:30 Round I – VI
around 16:00 closing ceremony

Rate of game:
15 min + 10 sec per move.

The system of games:
The tournament will be played in two stages:
The first day – eliminations to the finals by the Swiss system at distance of 7 rounds.
Day two – Finals A, B, C with the cup system, Final D – Swiss or Circular system.

Final A – 8 best players from the elimination.
Final B – Women over 40 (born 1978 and earlier) – 8 best players who do not play in the Final A
Final C – Girls up to 16 (born 2002 and later) – 8 best players who do not play in Final A
Final D – Players, who did not qualify for the other finals or did not play in qualifying.
Participation in the final must be confirmed to the arbiter after the last elimination round.

The order of occupied places in tournaments played by the Swiss system is determined by the sum of scored points, and in the case of equality, auxiliary scoring, in the following order: Buchholtz’s average system, Buchholz’s full system, progress, number of wins, ranking obtained.
In a RR tournament: the sum of points earned, Berger, number of wins, direct duels, Koya.

Entry fee:
30 PLN. Players with WIM and WGM titles are exempt from the entry fee.

The current FIDE rules are in effect in the tournament.
The tournament is submitted for the FIDE ranking rating, except for armageddon.
Waiting time is 15 min in case of late arrival.
The final interpretation of the regulation belongs to the organizer.
The organizer has the right to change the regulation.