Main tournament – regulation

Chess Match

Women Poland – Rest of the World

as part of the Women’s Chess Festival of Krystyna Hołuj-Radzikowska


The date and place of the tournament:
Rounds 1-5 (classical match) will be held in Hotel Monopol, Heleny Modrzejewskiej 2 street, 50-071 Wrocław).
Match in Basque Chess and Rapid Match will be held in Hotel Q Plus Wrocław , Zaolziańska 2 street, 53-334 Wrocław.

The organizers:
Polish Chess Federation, Lower Silesian Chess Federation

Director of the tournament:
WGM Jolanta Zawadzka,

The official website of the Tournament:

Tournament program:
3.12.2018 (Monday) – day of Arrivals

3.12.2018 – 20.00 – Technical meeting (at playing hall)

4.12.2018 -15.00 – Opening Ceremony

4.12.2018 -16.00 – The first round of the Poland – Rest of the World match

5/12/2018 -16.00 – Round II

6/12/2018 -16.00 – Round III

7/12/2018 -16.00 – IV round

8/12/2018 -16.00 – V round

9/12/2018 -11.00 – Match in the Basque Chess – round I

12.00 – round II

13.00 – round III

14.00 – round IV

15.00 – round V

10/12/2018 -11.00 – Rapid Match – round I

12.00 – round II

13.00 – round III

14-15 – lunch break

15.00 – round IV

16.00 – round V

17.00 – round VI

11/12/2018 – 10.00 – Rapid Match – round VII

11.00 – round VIII

12.00 – round IX

13.00 – round X

11/12/2018 – 16.00 – Closing Ceremony

The system of match:
The match will be played Scheveningen on a distance of 5 rounds. Each team will consist of 5 players, each of whom will play one game with each player of the opposing team. Color drawing will take place at the technical meeting.

Rate of play:
Classical match: 90 min / 40 moves. + 30 min and 30 sec per move from the move 1
Basque match: 15 min. + 10 sec per move
Rapid match: 15 min. + 10 sec per move

The match is won by the team which will score more points in the combined classic and rapid chess classification. Points earned in classic parts count twice.

When the number of points is equal , about the result of the match decides: results in Basque Chess, and then the number of small points in the classical match, and later the number of small points in rapid chess matches.


Prize pool: PLN 25,500

Overall classification: 12,000 PLN

The winning team receives 9,000 PLN for divide between the players, and the lost team receives 3,000 PLN.

Individual prizes – for the best results in classic parts (the highest number of points, regardless of team score): 5,000 PLN

1st place: 1500 PLN

2nd place: 1200 PLN

3rd place: 1000 PLN

4th place: 750 PLN

5th place: 550 PLN

– for the best results in rapid games (the highest number of points, regardless of team score): 3000 PLN

1st place: 1000 PLN

2nd place: 750 PLN

3rd place: 550 PLN

4th place: 400 PLN

5th place: 300 PLN

When the number of points is equal, prizes are divided among tle players.

Team Basque Chess: PLN 5,000

The winning team receives 3,500 PLN for divide between players and the lost team receives 1500 PLN.

An additional prize for the most beautiful game – 500 PLN

* The prizes mentioned do not include taxes. According to the Polish law awards above 2000 PLN, a 10% tax is charged.

Technical informations:
The current “FIDE Game Rules” apply.

Waiting time is 15 min in case of late arrival.

Players can not propose and agree to a draw before making 30 black moves except three repetitions.

Conditions for participation and accommodation:
Players receive accommodation and meals according to individually agreed conditions.

Responsibilities of players:
Players are required to take part in the opening and closing ceremony of the tournament. Derogation from this rule only in the case of prior notification and acceptance of the tournament director.

Players are insured on their own.

The organizing committee reserves the right to amend the Communication.