Blitz tournament – regulation

Women’s Blitz Chess Tournament

part of the Women’s Chess Festival

Wrocław, 6.12.2019 

Accompanying tournament to the Women’s Poland vs The Rest of the World match


Venue of the tournament : Hotel im. Jana Pawła II ****, Świętego Idziego Street 2, 50-328 Wrocław

System of play:

11- round swiss tournament

Entry fee: 10 PLN (WIM, WGM free of charge)


Online registration is available at:

SMS: 78 3333 900, e-mail:

Rate of play: 3 min + 2 sec. per move


The prize fund of the tournament is 3000PLN

1st place- 800 PLN

  1. 500 PLN
  2. 400 PLN
  3. 300 PLN
  4. 250 PLN
  5. 200 PLN
  6. 150 PLN
  7. 100 PLN

Additional prizes:

Best player with FIDE rating under 2200: 100 PLN

Best player with FIDE rating under 2000: 100 PLN

Best junior under 16: 100 PLN

Best player over 40 years old (born 1979 or earlier): 100 PLN

Prizes are not shared. Each player can win only one prize – in case of being entitled to more than one she will get the highest of the prizes.


17:15 – 17:45 – entries to the tournament

18:00 – start of play

Technical information:

The current “FIDE Game Rules” apply.

In case of the same amount of points the order is decided by tie-breaks: median Buchholz, Bucholtz, number of wins, progress, direct encounter, drawing of lots.

The final interpretation of the general information belongs to the organizer.

Organizer has the right to make changes in the regulations.

More information about the tournament will be available at the tournament website